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Video about 22re head gasket install:

22re blown head gasket

22re head gasket install. 22RE Headgasket Replacement Instructions and tips!!

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Please double check this info with the chiltons manual or a factory service manual before you do this though. It can be done right in half a day if you have done it before and things have been apart before. Thank you for any tips here. I am trying to recall from memory here so the slack may need to be on one side or the other while installing the chain.

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You will also be able to really clean it up and make it bling. I would recommend getting a service manual. I don't remember off the top of my head where the slack in the chain is supposed to be but I think the slack should only be on the passenger side because of the tensioner. Unbolt, and take off.

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Air intake removal After wards, I removed the air box, tube, and all clamps. Proceed by removing the fuse to the fuel pump.

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He drove all the way from San Pablo to drop it off himself for free. The time it takes really depends mainly on your ability and knowledge. You want to do it right and do it once. This will eliminate a huge mess.

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