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Test your general knowledge. An addicting game based on geometry. Whilst Ubuntu is very beautiful and gorgeous, it reminds me of Android in terms of heaviness.

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While having more abilities with gestures is very good, it has its own drawbacks and down sides which as I said before, they sacrifice the practicality of the phone, if you are a left hander, swiping from the left is obviously easier for you and doing that in Ubuntu is getting into the application drawer or home. While the colors and shape of icons and the overall design of Ubuntu touch is very dramatic and great, there are things like practicality and comfort which have been sacrificed during the design. It's a strange big head with a lot of interactive components.

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It starts timer and plays beautiful background music in the background to calm you. Let's see if you can locate yours here!

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In general, your task is to reach a destination with minimum clicks. But if you are a right hander and you are used to work with your phone with your right hand, you have to reach the left side of the phone with your right hand which is honestly not so comfortable or easy on big-screened phones, in order to get the app drawer in sight. It will open useless site, apps, products that are so stupid to exist.

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