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Apartments in reno that allow pit bulls. Frederick Lewis Allen (1890-1954)

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As the crowds along the waterfront shouted their tribute and the vessels in the harbor tooted their whistles and the guns roared in a presidential salute, Woodrow Wilson, standing on the bridge of the George Washington, eastward bound, must have felt that destiny was on his side. There were others who were tired of applauding the French, or who had ideas of their own about the English and the English attitude toward Ireland, or who were sick of hearing about "our noble Allies" in general, or who thought that we had really gone into the war to save our own skins and that the Wilsonian talk about making the world safe for democracy was dangerous and hypocritical nonsense.

An Informal History of the 1920's

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Other sites also mention how people left their alcoholic partner and after a few months returned to the relationship. In Italy the streets were black with people come to do him honor.

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