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Video about arrl emp:

Preppers with a FCC Technician License - Beware

Arrl emp. No, the Department of Defense EMP drill will not shut down the power grid

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Propagation FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions far field of an antenna - that region of the electromagnetic field surrounding an antenna where the field strength as a function of angle the antenna pattern is essentially independent of the distance from the antenna. The region of the ionosphere found approximately 90 to miles above Earth and which is responsible for most long distance propagation on frequencies below 30 MHz.


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Converts AC to DC full-wave rectifier - a circuit basically composed of two half-wave rectifiers. Called a discriminator in FM deviation - The change in the carrier frequency of a FM transmitter produced by the modulating signal. Offers a match to the transmitter output impedance. Example characters are sent at 13 words per minute but the spacing is adjusted so that the overall code speed is 5 words per minute.

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There are more than 96, registered users in countries worldwide! The GOTA station may be operated by Novice, Technicians or generally inactive hams under their existing operating privileges, or under the direction of a Control Operator with appropriate privileges, as necessary. The lowest region of the ionosphere found approximately 25 to 55 miles above Earth; it fades away quickly after sunset and sometimes does not form at all on short winter days.

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Offers a match to the transmitter output impedance. The video warns that the Department of Defense will be using an electromagnetic pulse to shutdown the power grid November and that everyone needs to prepare now. Namely the Faraday Cage which is a grounded structure that houses sensitive electronic items. You will solve problems, and make a lot of new friends in your team.

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