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Lazcano was suspected of directing the brutal murders of hundreds of people. Other police in the city of Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, tattoo their bodies with Voodoo symbols, believing they can repel bullets.

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Click Here Use Lucifers Engine against him! Most of the Hispanic community is made up of Roman Catholics, and that is why so many are involved in Pagan practices including human sacrifice and cannibalism. In September , it was discovered that the cartel hired two American teenagers in Texas as vicious assassins. As we draw closer to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, more satanic manifestations are being revealed.

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As the world moves away and rejects the GOD of Creation, his protection is removed. He then ordered the parents and at least a dozen others to be killed, UPI reported. One would think that he would confess to the killing and selling the victims flesh for meat, but no!

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Folks to whom this practice is normal, think nothing of continuing it here in the United States. Once you open one of these doors you are easily manipulated and driven to deeper and deeper levels of perversion.

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