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Severe inflammation and infection needs veterinary care. Effective home remedies can at least help minimize the damage. Your vet can help you diagnose the reason for the constant irritation, and can help you to get it under control.

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If your dog has a flea or two, refer to the Flea Control section for getting rid of fleas on your dog and in your home. These act like a bucket on his head, and prevent him reaching his itchy spots with his teeth.

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Improper nutrition and dry skin are also causes of itching. Benadryl is a common and well known antihistamine that has been safely used in dogs. Improper nutrition and dry skin are also causes of itching. This means that on its own, a barrier is not a good solution.

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Benadryl is a common and well known antihistamine that has been safely used in dogs. Antihistamines can help relieve itching in people, and they can work in our pets too. And you should look for quick relief. Alternative , Featured , Remedies It is so frustrating when your faithful companion is constantly scratching and biting.

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