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Mix - Fishing for Catfish with Liver and Dough Bait- How to Catch Catfish with Liver - Catfishing bait

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An 8-foot casting model handles 12 to 30 pound test and matches medium duty channel and blue cat situations. This requires using an onion bag or cheesecloth to secure the food, yet allows it to leak out through the holes once it is in the water. Warming the skins in the microwave before you use it as bait extracts the oils, which will offer a scent trail. Gum even helps the catfish stick to the hook as it tries to swallow the bait.


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Many bar soaps have additives and other chemicals that actually deter catfish from going after it. Cut SPAM into 1-inch cubes then push onto a treble hook until it feels secure. An 8-foot casting model handles 12 to 30 pound test and matches medium duty channel and blue cat situations. In fact, anglers who prefer this bait often say their best catches are near waterfront fast food restaurants where the fish are conditioned to hunt for fries.


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You can also use it with cheese cubes for added flavor and scent. Simply thread bite-size pieces onto the hook. Catfish love chicken — such as the neck, gizzard, liver and kidneys.

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