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According to a team of German scientists writing in the journal Archives of Childhood Disease, a new culprit may have emerged for both the worrying drop in sperm count and the increase in testicular cancer among young men: I bought this book on pre-order because I am a national critic. It feels like a bag of worms inside the scrotum, and is generally much less obvious when a man is lying down than when he is standing. And remember - even though we are blamed for so much in the world, it is still a wonderful experience to know what it means to be male, to experience masculinity - in short, to be a man!

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It is of course a happy coincidence that such a mechanism replaces the males that society has lost through war. The procedure is simple: It demands a full cleansing in every home of ALL evidence of Easter eggs, Easter egg paint, and rounded dippers. They are, in short, very delicate organs, which are probably not treated with enough respect by many of their owners!

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As you may recall from Biology , each cell in the human body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. And often the desire to have children goes with these changes. The shocking truth is so horrifying, and at the same time so completely obvious, I feel like a fool for not seeing it before!

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