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Another woman gave a bird the inner cardboard of a scented toilet paper roll and the bird chewed it and died soon after. They both died about an hour later and necroscopy revealed hemorrhaging in the lungs. Needless to say, I will never use this product again. My son has a peachfaced lovebird who is now 20 weeks old.


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Evidently the Nanday had been picking and chewing at the top of this plastic strip and discovered he could pull it up and knock his dishes out. The gun did get very hot and I could smell the fumes myself. In attempting to free himself before I found him at 7AM, he had chewed off a large portion of his foot and two toes. Fresh air in a back room was all it took to refresh him but certainly just a few more seconds of exposure would have been irreversible.


Go to the sphere on pets and doing it simply. Cuttlebone Bob from Petswarehouse.

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I got her to the vet A. Avocado is toxic, particularly to African species, but should not be given to any birds. You can only imagine my shock when the results came back showing that the cage contained 2, ppm of lead and ppm of zinc.

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