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★ Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 - English Dubbed B/W 2 Animated Trailer!

Black bw. Pokémon Black and White Versions

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Professor Juniper has left a gift box for the two and Bianca , another one of the player's friends, who arrives a little later. C-Gear The C-Gear allows players to use certain multiplayer functions while anywhere in the game world. His actions are futile, however, and N reconsiders his actions and ideas.

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Some areas can only be accessed in certain seasons. His actions are futile, however, and N reconsiders his actions and ideas. Black and White also features a great deal of general graphical enhancements over previous generations, such as a higher level of 3D graphics and creative camera angles.

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Also, when talking to people, speech balloons for dialog will appear over people's heads, rather than a simple dialog box. After the selection, Bianca will request a battle. When the battle is over, the room becomes cluttered due to the battle.

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