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But chains and whips excite me. Chains and Whips excite me....

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She said that she thought the song was mainly about having confidence in one's identity, and about being impervious to rumors and criticism. It's one of the hooks from Depeche Mode 's single " Master and Servant "—a new-wave take on sadomasochism, complete with cracking-whip sound effects. Baby One More Time ".

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I was full nude". Rihanna is then shown seated and surrounded by CCTV surveillance cameras; her chair begins to rotate, and she stands and begins to whip reporters, who are taped to the wall of the room. Scenes of Rihanna and others in bondage gear are interspersed with images of the singer wearing a feather boa and a tube top with "censored" printed across it.

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Chains and whips excite me" as an example of her vaunt. Spears wore a black outfit, a mask and rabbit ears; both singers wore handcuffs. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge.

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