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The Aztecs, for example think that the dead would visit relatives in the form of a butterfly to reassure the family that everything is OK. It wiil be a jungle of fantasy flowers, so far i can see only a bunch of black lines! Women who get these tattoos are usually creative and become one with nature. When placed below the stomach or belly, this tattoo design usually speaks of virginity, which originated from the branding of virgin maidens as an acknowledgement and respect for the gods.

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They also think that the white butterfly can predict when summer begins. They think that butterflies symbolize fertility, joy and rebirth. The Blackfeet tribe that butterflies bring dreams to us while we are sleeping. Last month he started to tattoo that area.

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In the Japanese and Chinese cultures, butterflies have been used as a symbol of joy and happiness. First there is the Greek and Irish Butterfly myth. He is slow, but very meticulous! They think that butterflies symbolize fertility, joy and rebirth.

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