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Can u get pregnant with a turkey baster. The Turkey Baster Method: What It Is and How to Perform It

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Five months later They didn't speak for more than five months after that. This should hopefully not cause it to tear enough to come off, but should still let a good amount of the swimmers out near your cervix. Over what to name the baby.

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The orgasm helps the cervix dip into the vaginal pool and suck up sperm — it helps get more sperm up there, and may speed sperm travel. If you do it too fast, it can squirt out of the vagina or at least spray away from the cervix. The turkey and syringe usually won't work.

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Have got a little plastic tub to catch it in and will get a syringe type thing from boots. You'll probably have better luck getting the semen out of a cup since you could suck the baggy or condom up to the syringe and block the opening, but you may get a larger sample with the baggy or the special collection condom. Draw back on the syringe again, but this time have the end of it in the semen — the vacuum created by pulling back on the stopper will suck the semen into the syringe. I hope this helps.

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Anyone ever used the turkey baster method and got pregnant? Draw back on the syringe once with nothing but air, then push the air out again.

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Another solution is to go to a fertility clinic and have the artificial insemination performed by professional medical staff. I may just be stating the obvious, but I would truly like to understand this more and help if I can X Xxbabzxx mommy2be I'd say use instead cups there for when ur on ur af biut if I were in ur position I'd tell him to fill up the cup and insert it all in about 3 minutes time or he can let em loose at the opening then insert the cup so they stay near ur cervix good luck and I'm nosy so of course I wanna know why he cant bd without a condom Good luck! Next, your donor needs to collect his semen in either a sterile cup, a condom or a baggy.

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