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Fished live or dead, they are effective on all species of cats. These fish may be used as live bait where legal — always check local regulations or in chunks. I dropped my bass rod and picked up the bait rod and set the hook. I wound it along the hook, leaving a small strip hanging off the end.

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I tossed it back out and a short time later had another catfish on the line. Although it is soft then and easy to run the hook through, it can be slippery.

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He found a few strips of bacon that had been sitting in his fridge for a long time and was going to throw them out. Put it in two zip lock bags to cover the garlic smell. Keep fish baits fresh by storing them in coolers filled with cold water or ice. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time on the water with my grandfather, Gene Gilmore, who loved to fish for catfish.

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