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Centralia pa wiki. Centralia mine fire

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At the time, Centralia experienced an unusually heavy period of snowfall. The law required a permit and regular inspection for a municipality to use such a pit. It is possible that this hole led to the mine fire, as it provided a pathway to the labyrinth of old mines under the borough.

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A subsequent legal effort by residents to overturn the action failed. The house had formerly been supported by a row of adjacent buildings. Triggers[ edit ] Analysts disagree about the specific cause of the Centralia fire.

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Route 61 was repaired several times until it was closed. A call was placed to Art Joyce, a mine inspector from Mount Carmel , who brought gas detection equipment for use on the swirling wisps of smoke now emanating from fissures in the north wall of the landfill pit. The town council decided that hiding the true origin of the fire would serve better than alerting the LVCC of the truth, which would most likely end in receiving no help from them. This allowed the hot coals to penetrate the vein of coal underneath the pit and start the subsequent subterranean fire.

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