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Cheesy 80s ballads. The 50 Best Modern Songs That Sound Like the 1980s

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Mars Hill is not 16th-century Geneva, but Driscoll has little patience for dissent. He quit going to strip clubs and now refuses to tattoo others with his old specialty, pinup girls though he still wears two on one arm, souvenirs from earlier, godless days. What I would do for a solid twelve hours of sleep right now.

Tracy Chapman, “Fast Car”

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Both volumes of the soundtrack are the perfect homage to the sounds of that era. It is one of the easiest guilty pleasures out there. The question is, is Easy Cheese really even cheese? Watching any of the Alien movies Sigourney Weaver is the bomb and spending a random Tuesday afternoon watching those movies is heaven on earth to me.

David Bowie, “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”

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I love it when I get these socks as a gift and I treasure them. Ye shall know the elect by their fruits, not by their passive acceptance of fate. Tweeting while taking a bubble bath and drinking a beer. Critics on the left and right alike predict that this delicate balance of opposites cannot last.

What’s Goin’ On At The Craftsman?

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