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Chico Tiberius @ GO 12-19-17

Chicos athens ga. Chico's, 196 Alps Road, Suite #38, Athens, Georgia, 30606-4095

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There were about 22 people in the class. You present the horses great and get back to people when they ask questions.. I have been asked multiple times where she came from and pretty sure there are a few girls already trying to plan trips to come see y'all.

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Then she made her first semi "pro" rodeo debut this past weekend IPRA rodeo and ran 4 tenths off Would never have any hesitation buying another horse from you if the needs arises.

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You can tell her old owner she has a home for life. Oh yeah, definitely mute him on the video- haha, he's a nut: I have told many of my friend about you so many some horses will be coming to Florida..

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