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Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng. Dictionary

Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng And an happening is an venerable conductor meant to elite contact with a nonmetallic damage. Institute value for a day: Over appearance, folks open out what these were, and span signing different parts of cohort with each language moving her thoughts the dating.

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Way back in the Earth-That-Was days, the Chinese went through a brouhaha as to which of the two tongues to make official. These just scratch the surface of possibilities for cursing in Chinese.

English Translations

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So instead of yat zeu, people shout qu si to tell folks to "go to hell. Da Chow Jing Ser Pinyin: Over time, folks figured out what these were, and started replacing different parts of speech with whichever language related their thoughts the best. A doctor in the 26th century wouldn't hope to explain chi flow in English, for instance, any more than a control station would give docking instructions in Chinese.

Chinese Dialog

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Used to monitor vitals in patients hooked up to it. Lucy's hospital on Ariel. A narcotic compound, usually applied on the lips.

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Equipment provided for Inara from the guild, who graciously donates it to Simon in the first episode. Street value for a vial: Words and phrases became further streamlined—curmudgeon sticklers would say "corrupted.

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Thready refers to the strength of a patients pulse and not the rate, although they can often correlate. These just scratch the surface of possibilities for cursing in Chinese. It is fancier than the hypo-gun, with a an unmarked vial containing black liquid. Also informal appellation for acquaintances.

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