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Crags lists. Wainwrights List & GPS Waypoints

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The gully marked Siren Song 4 drains the western end of the northern faces of the crags. As you can see the upper slopes are relatively hazard free but it doesn't take long for the slopes to become littered with rocks and vegetation. Yorks att 1 R.

Watsons Crags - North Faces

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Y Williams, Private W. The faces up high are relatively hazard free and provide some relatively open steep. Commando 30 January Rifleman T. There was no way over but a foot-bridge, which would take men only in single file.

Index of Highland Bagpipe Recordings

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Officially Watsons Crags refers to the craggy ridgeline that runs east west to the north of the Sentinel. Throughout the action, Lieutenant-Colonel Man was in a forward observation post controlling the supporting fire.

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Curfew is strictly enforced. Yorks att 1 R. Commando 06 January Captain C. His control of the battle at all times was complete, and his coolness and disregard of his own safety under heavy mortar and self-propelled artillery fire was a fine example to his battalion.

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It is likely that the soldiers were taken on board for a cruise before the Korean fighting broke out and could not be landed. Commando 06 January Marine S.

Watson's Crags - South Faces

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