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Curved barbell pa. Scrotum Piercings

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Signs of an allergic reaction include redness, weeping, or soreness in the area where the jewelry touches your skin, or a discolored, dry, flaky and itchy area. The pierced area should be cleaned at least twice a day while it is healing; but more frequent cleansing is required if the area has been exposed to dirt, sweat, or bodily fluids. Der Pallang ist ein vertikal oder horizontal durch die Eichel des Penis gestochenes Piercing.

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Our shop uses all disposable equipment for each piercing to provide clients with the most sterile procedure. Also, wearing heavy jewelry can tear the earlobe.

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Man muss in der Regel mit einer sehr langen Abheilzeit von ca. Die Heilung ist relativ unkompliziert und dauert in der Regel zwischen Wochen.

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Ein normaler Barbell kommt auch in Frage, Ringe sind jedoch an dieser Stelle aufgrund der mechanischen Belastung weniger optimal. It is also important with all body piercings to avoid public swimming pools, hot tubs and ocean swimming because of bacteria that may infect these waters.

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