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Video about does wearing a tampon pop your cherry:

What Does It Feel Like When Your Hymen Breaks? Ft. Nikki Limo

Does wearing a tampon pop your cherry. Can you pop your cherry by using a tampon?

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Even if your hymen tears - you are still a virgin. Inserting a tampon is easiest when the menstrual flow is medium to heavy because it lubricates the process.

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Rest assured; virgins can absolutely use tampons. These cultures hold the view that virgin girls will still have their hymen in tact and non-virgins will not. Many girls worry that wearing a tampon will make them lose their virginity or that inserting a tampon will break your hymen. Check that the string is still hanging out of your vagina.

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Sources include LibraGirl and Queensland Health. For some girls, the hymen is very stretchy and can even remain in tact after the first instance of intercourse. Check that the string is still hanging out of your vagina.

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