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Dragonvale: Tips and cheats for breeding

Dragonvale tips and cheats. Dragonvale Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Get More Gems for Free

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Now Available in the Market. Arcane Airship — Worth covering in its own section, so keep reading!

Other Ways to Get Dragons

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Thank you for your patience and understanding. Using this, I was able to add over friends in less than 2 days…which inevitably means a nice pile of gems! We are working on a solution that should remedy this and automatically credit the missing calendar time for affected players.


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You can also list your surplus items for sale here. Having friends in Dragonvale is the key to two really important things:

Get Some Friends!

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Dragonarium — Think of it as the Wikipedia of dragons, at least in the sense that it has info on all of them and is readily accessible for free. Now Available in the Market. Well, you can do it the hard way and browse through the Facebook Dragonvale fan pages , and add people requesting Game Center friends. Just as 4 level 10 dragons in a Plant habitat is a waste, 2 level 1 dragons in an Air habitat are also a bad strategy.

How to Hatch Your Dragons

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Habitats for Dragonkind Every dragon needs a place to call home, and not just any place. You can also buy a few particularly rare dragons for real money, but they tend to be rather pricey.

More about the cheats

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