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Video about drill movements usmc:

Marine Corps Boot Camp - Close Order Drill

Drill movements usmc. Drill commands

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Attention is proceeded by a preparatory command that is designated by the size of the unit, such as squad, platoon, or company. The soldiers must run to their destination. Position and direction English commands with French commands in parenthesis [ edit ] Attention Garde-a-vous: P To march forward taking , inch steps per minute.

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P Change the cadence count but not the rhythm. When there are two ranks, only the rear rank takes three check paces back Close order march: Thirty inches are measured from the rear of your left heel to the rear of your right heel. Swing your arms to conform with the change in step, and continue to march at quick time until given another command.

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Commands which involve precision in execution will not be given until the command to resume marching at quick time has been given. W Marching forward at quick time. At the same time the left foot is moved, clasp the hands behind the back. Servicemen place the rifle in the slope, which is with the magazine and pistolgrip facing to the individual's left, and the rifle resting on the left shoulder, supported by the left arm at an angle of ninety degrees.

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The command of exe- cution is given as the left foot strikes the deck, as this involves a movement to the left. P To move the unit a short distance to the right or left. The first section contains the number of ranks:

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Stamp down like you would in Squad Attention. Your next step and for the third count of halt, will be a two-inch vertical step in place with the right foot, bringing the right heel smartly against the left heel and assume the position of attention Step. Most of the body weight rests on the left heel. The hand salute is executed on the command of present arms when unarmed or when you are armed with a weapon which has no prescribed manual of present arms or when you are armed with a weapon at sling arms.

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