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There are lots of parts engines, 4-speed trans, a lifetime of collecting. Front fenders and doors still look good. In popular culture[ edit ] According to the Home Improvement episode "A Sew Sew Evening", Al was stationed in Fallon when he served in the Navy, which was a disappointment to him since he wanted to see the world. Named Project Shoal , the

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Free brochures explaining the native art are available. I bought the car from a local friend about 2 years ago and my AMC restoration business is very busy with customer cars so I have finally realized that I will not be able to get to this car on a timely basis so it is now available for someone else to bring back to life. The two-tone Maxi Blue with Snow White roof is the factory-correct color scheme. For Sale 70 AMX ram air rust free project.

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Hood sold off car but it had some rust problems before I bought car at auction. The speedometer is original, but the large tach and aux readouts have been updated to make sure you have the best accuracy. The trail is approximately one-half mile long on a level path.

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