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87 Ford Mustang Turbo 363 Stroker 9 second Stick Shift

Ford 363 stroker. Fordstrokers

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DSS Racing Piston and Rod kits are the ideal way to upgrade your stock engine, helping it handle as much as 2 to 3 times the power without breaking the bank. They are made in Argentina. Small Block Chevy , 5.

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With today's Blowers, Turbos and Nitrous it is not hard to make big power. We build pistons to fit a Host of applications,Racing classes and Racing sanctioning bodies. Original Boss production heads.

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RA is the modern method of surface analyzing, and has been designated by the International Standards Organizations ISO as the correct practice for measuring the roughness of a machined surface. Multiplying RA value times 1.

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The Blue Thunder "B" head which is the one with the raised exhaust port and the Chevy style flange pattern. Small Block Chevy , , , , , ,

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