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While stepping into the ballroom isn't as dangerous as climbing atop a bull, there were still nerves involved before the performance, Bonner admitted. News' Sibley Scoles after the performance. Should I maybe never buy Dr. Bronner had become rather obsessed, and maybe even in an unhealthy way, in his quest for human unity in reaction to the horrors of Nazi Germany.

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Did you start reading them. He was touched by the horrors of the Holocaust and the loss of his family which had a profound impact on him. A head shot of Lauren Becall from Designing Woman and a smoldering Lana Turner on the back cover is worth the price of admission.

" all sounds funny until you put a logo and some people behind it..."

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Those that did not suffer from persecution remained short-sighted, small! And for those reasons, I came to my final decision that I would still buy Dr. God bless the persecuted!

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The Strange Ramblings of Dr. Some of the sayings are numbered not sure why?

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