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What is God Like?: Crash Course Philosophy #12

God is omniscient omnipotent and omnipresent verse. Can God Create A Rock So Heavy That He Cannot Lift It?

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The darkness will not deter God, for "darkness is as light to you. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. First, God cannot be contained in a building. He's right where he always said he would be.

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Yes; men entertain thoughts in private, and say words in private, and do acts in private, which they would be ashamed and blush to have exposed before the world. I also pointed out that Satan is also limited. The definition of omnipotence does not mean being able to do the logically impossible to do something logically contradictory. Let us therefore look upon nothing, without thinking who stands by, without reflecting upon Him in Whom it lives, and moves and hath its being… Let us not bound our thoughts to the creatures we see, but pierce through the creature to the boundless God we do not see:

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That's why they have idols. Another point, in regard to which the popular nature of the Scriptural teaching on this subject must be kept in mind, concerns the mode of the divine omnipresence.

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