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The guy in the suit told us that he was an advertising planner at an agency and just looking to make some quick money with writing we all quickly led him away from that notion. I no longer have my school newspaper or club basketball team to meet new people and enjoy my hobbies.

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Our teacher told us that she gets up at 5 a. Then, when you go to write your own novel, you have an idea of how much should happen in each chapter. Take a book that you love and appreciate the way it was written -- something that you flew through and could follow easily. She wrote her name on the chalk board just like our substitute teachers used to do when we were in grade school.

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Then, dissect that novel by creating a notecard for each chapter of that book. Immediately, though, she let us know her history -- which was that she had a book published by Penguin a few years ago and has since become a judge on almost every writing contest you can think of. Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. For every hour you spend writing, you should be reading for 30 minutes.

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