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Green infrastructure can be perceived as costly, but the case for its cost effectiveness, multiple community benefits, and job creation potential is not mere wishful thinking. Green infrastructure also plays a crucial role in making communities and facilities more resistant to storm damage. These trees are planted in a lower pit, which collects more water, and is filled with soil and stone.

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Besides being an attractive alternative to manicured lawns, rain gardens add value to a neighborhood and provide important habitat for birds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. By reducing the polluted runoff that flows into rivers and streams, green infrastructure practices play a critical role in protecting water quality. It uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage water and create healthier, more resilient urban environments. It can often lower energy costs by helping to keep buildings and sidewalks cool.

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The pit stores water, where it is slowly absorbed by the earth. It uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage water and create healthier, more resilient urban environments. Like Philadelphia, the City of Lancaster is taking its combined sewer overflow problem seriously—and like Philadelphia, is using a Green Infrastructure focused approach.

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