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Mississippi Exports @ OFF THE HOOK Gumbo Festival in Ocean Springs MS

Gumbo festival jackson ms. Top 20 Mississippi USA Events and Festivals

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More than vendors sell Mandarin scented lotions, soaps, and candles, along with artisan-crafted jewelry, home accessories, and holiday items. Once this task is completed, the Mardi Gras descend on the downtown area dancing and begging for loose change. In it will be held on September 24th. Most of the grapes are processed into juices, concentrates or wine.

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The Mardi Gras rode on horseback until after World War II, when an epidemic of sleeping sickness killed many of the horse. They are used by the captain and his subordinates [co-captains] only — Claude Durio, Co-capitaine for the Tee Mamou courir [29] The whips are designed to be flexible and not to inflict any serious damage onto their victims, but do produce a loud noise for the edification of onlookers. Kim Mathis at If so, please write me!


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The museum also features Construction Zone, a hands-on building and construction-focused display. The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you 6 full days of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, with a healthy dose of Kentucky hospitality thrown in for good measure.

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It mainly features American art, with a particular focus on Southern American and South Carolina-based artists. Thank you to everyone who helped to make last year's Festival another great success. One event at the festival deserves special attention:


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