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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in California

Haunted places redding ca. Are there any haunted places in Redding, CA?

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A new business plan was needed. Though not many clues have been given as to who could be possibly enjoying the theatre in their after-life.

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This renovation would enable them to offer two choices of films that hopefully would boost ticket sales. A new business plan was needed. Our programs will be the finest - clean and wholesome - chosen for the entertainment of the entire family - worthy of your good will and loyal support. The theatre has seats plus 10 seats for people in wheel chairs, with a stage large enough for live performances with all the equipment and tech needed to do so.

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During the last five years, many California residents have claimed that French Gulch is haunted. People who loved working and being involved in a theater sometimes love to visit while in spirit-form,especially if the theatre has been restored and renovated to become a great theatre again. After 5 years of intense restoration of the Art Deco treasures as they were in , and modernization of the theatre's lighting and technology, The Cascade Theatre opened once again on August 4th, to the excitement and support of the Redding Community, community cultural organizations, performers and other supporting forces located outside of Redding.

Visit These Seven Haunted Northern California Towns at Your Own Risk

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Recently a group of tourists came to visit Placerville, and were shocked at what happened to them. As long as they were in charge, the theater looked its best, much to the enjoyment of their patrons. Those who dare to visit are often subjected to paranormal torment. Or it could be another former owner or manager or employee of The Cascade.

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It didn't help either that the structure of The Cascade Theatre was looking a bit dowdy and its Art Deco decor needed some restoration which would cost a boatload of money that the theatre owners didn't have. Visitors should also appreciate all the updating that went into the lights and technical items needed for a truly modern theatre that can be a showcase for a variety of performing arts and films.

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