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Him songs. Gene Simmons’ Daughter Hates Him Sharing Her Unfinished Songs

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Easy to see why. The song won an Academy Award for Best Original Song and remains a favorite of happy couples everywhere.

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It really strikes a chord for lost-distance couples. Not with a slavish fear, under a spirit of bondage, as the Jews under the legal dispensation; not in the oldness of the letter, but in the newness of the Spirit: Know ye what God is in himself, and what he is to you.

1) I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston

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It dominated the charts for almost a month in the U. The matter of praise, and the motives to it, are very important. He talks about being mesmerized at first sight and how his feelings only grow stronger with time.

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Say what you will about the old-fashioned look and simplistic lyrics, but for me, the earnest delivery of the Temptations makes this song an easy-listening favorite for a romantic night. This is one of my all-time favorites from when I was a kid — and it still is to this day. Anyone wanting to know what a love song is:


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This love song is about beating the odds and ignoring the naysayers as you follow your heart. To this day, whenever I date someone seriously, I start looking for ways to shoehorn those in. Percy sings his heart out in this song, belting out notes that give his audience goosebumps.

Best Love Songs (#1-8)

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