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Yeah, I don't think they put us in the nice room. We can't use her last name. However, an internal study in showed the agency was falling well short of its own targets for hiring and promoting women and minorities. I chose not to tell most of my family, mostly because they worry.


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It used to be within the past five years. Here's some guidance from Sheronda. The one out here move in from Mexico. Growing up in a small Midwestern town, she had no idea how she'd make her way to the CIA or if the agency would be interested in her as an African-American woman.

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NPR's Fatma Tanis contributed to this report. The agency will host a local constituent briefing in Del Rio to explain the new Devils River proposal. You are encouraged to seek advice from an independent professional advisor.

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But now, I mean, the panel speaks for itself laughter , I think. She was right about that. The job is demanding, requiring all kinds of sacrifices.

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