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Video about how to avoid razor burn in pubic area:

How to Prevent Razor Burn on Bikini Area

How to avoid razor burn in pubic area. A Woman's guide to shaving pubic hair…

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Step 4 Apply a thick shaving cream. In medical term, it is called as pseudo follicular barbae.

Razor Bumps on Vagina

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Apply a quality moisturizer to the area, to help the skin recover from the shock of shaving. If you are going to spend a few extra dollars at any point of this process, spend it on a quality lubricating gel designed specifically for the task. Try a home remedy You may find that a home remedy soothes your razor burn or razor bumps. A shaving brush can also help to lift the hair and spread the lubrication.


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If you are like most men, your skin in this area is loose. Other manufacturers, Gillette included, soon introduced their own disposable razors, and by disposables made up more than 27 percent of worldwide unit sales for razors. Once the skin around the vagina is clean and the hair is trimmed to less than a quarter of an inch, the next step is to apply shaving cream to the area.

You need to first make sure you got the right tools so you'll need…

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