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Video about how to get even with noisy upstairs neighbors:

How to take care of noisy upstairs neighbors!

How to get even with noisy upstairs neighbors. Annoyed with your noisy neighbours? Chinese retailers have a gadget to help you get even

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Because even though the neighbor saw himself as some bigshot, as it turns out he was only a big fish in a small pond or a partner in a small law firm. I mean, your neighbors might still be assholes, but I know I'm not one.

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I will break your back. White noise CDs can help, especially at night. The landlord has not assisted you in making the space livable. Burn a CD or send a download link to your neighbor.

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I feel like tying a rope or long shoe lace to their doorknob and fastening it to the outside bannister. If you are that sensitive to noise you should have never moved into an apartment with another apartment above it, and you should have moved out long ago. You cannot win with people this rude or this insistent. You should absolutely tell your landlord about the noise situation before you move out.


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He doesn't expect complete peace and quiet, just that the disturbances stay within reason. But, OP, maybe that's an option for you--you and Mr. I think the OP's only solution at this point is to leave, and make very sure that you tell the landlord exactly why you're leaving - because of the noise. A few people upthread have commented on anxiously waiting and anticipating their upstairs neighbours coming home.

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