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What to Do When He's Being Flaky // Amy Young // #mantramonday

How to respond to a flaky guy. The Definitive Guide To Dealing With Flakes, Breadcrumbing, and Scrapbooking

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This brings us to… Step Two: I experienced a lot of frustration that year.

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To you, I say: This guy might not have gotten what he wanted on the date.

You Are The Prize

If you new like the flake is prohibited, and seems to be unproductive to show you associate for eternity, by intentional to handling easily, etcyou can walk contact. Ask yourself whether you based your interest well.

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I suggest doing none of these. Optioning is a baseball term for sending someone to the minor leagues with the option of calling them back up when needed. Make her double or triple text you. So, if a girl flakes on you, message another.

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Plus, study after study shows that humans consider scarcity as a sign of value. If you feel like the flake is sorry, and seems to be working to show you respect for example, by promising to meet soon, etc , you can unfreeze contact. These are rare instances though: Be polite but distant.

What is Flaking?

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Both count as flaking. Maybe you were even brave enough to reach out, but got nothing in response. Flaking is cancelling with someone at the last minute, usually with a lame excuse, but it also includes a pattern of making promises of getting together, and then breaking them.

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