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In fact, the first episode was a rape case, leaving the judge dumbstruck. This was especially to home viewers, particularly at points when the camera would zoom in on the Maximum Mills mug as Lane chewed out litigants. He is also joined by an attorney who consults.

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Issues have involved everything from money and pets to issues involving serious relationship breakdowns and conflicts over wills. Having lost his faith, Price drowns his sorrows in coffee. Television , [19] —93, —present After the court show genre went on a lengthy hiatus, it returned with The People's Court.


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The earlier version was based around how the third movie in movie trilogies is always the best one and sums everything up which led to a recurring Matrix joke where a Ugandan man said "I thought the third Matrix was the worst one" which later changed to "I have maggots in my scrotum" in the rewritten version. The show's star, former Michigan Superior Court Judge Greg Mathis is the longest reigning African American court show judge as of the season the show's 16th. Price is seen in the village doctor's office, having the Book of Mormon removed from his rectum.

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