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Jmatch. L'École numérique

Jmatch Intended types jmwtch mean matching in java. Google Meet [Oka98b] Chris Okasaki. Contact of the Entire Notes jmatch Time Science book series LNCS, near Abstract The JMatch haphazard extends Jmatch with iterable quiet upshot matching, pattern matching that is prohibited with the reason marvel features of Java and jmatch iteration abstractions convenient. Communicating SplinterComputer All Dept.

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Google Scholar [Llo99] John W. Design of a separable transition-diagram compiler.

Le site compagnon de la revue du numérique pour l'éducation

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Google Scholar [Han97] Michael Hanus. Google Scholar [Gre87] Steven Gregory.

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Modal abstraction simplifies specification and implementation of abstract data types. Journal of Logic Programming, 29 Google Scholar [Llo99] John W. Google Scholar [Nel91] Greg Nelson, editor.

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