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Hillsborough County Jury Duty

Jury duty jacksonville fl. Many are called, few are chosen

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You must check in for jury duty at 7: Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and my panel went over to the courthouse but had to wait in courtroom number eleven approximately 90 minutes before being moved along to courtroom number four. You should try to park on the third floor since the pedestrian walkway that leads you directly to the entrance of the jury assembly room is on the third floor.

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There are restrooms, water fountains, and payphones for you to use located directly outside the entrance to the Jury Assembly Room on the opposite side of the hallway. Take your first left to the elevator bank and take one of the elevators down to the fist floor. In other words, should you assist the elderly person across the street if your primary reason for doing so is to make yourself feel better rather than helping the elderly?

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