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1977 GMC K5 Jimmy

K5 blazer mpg. Chevrolet K5 Blazer MPG

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I'll give you my opinion on the matter since you are asking a logical question. Here's one prime example. Your truck is pretty high, and lowering it 4 inches from where it's at will only cover another 4in of tire exposure to the wind. It seems that many post figures "they heard about", and some post figures from a one-tankful experience that was calculated at way above average.

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Chevy-Duramax got a best of You cannot give an honest fuel mileage figure without doing it over a range of many miles and tankfulls.

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A factory stock truck - will always make a little diesel smoke under certain conditions. A guy on another forum just posted that his neighbor just bought a brand new Dodge Cummins diesel 1 ton truck and gets a consistent 25 MPG with it.

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I also know - for sure - of several 6. That is wasted fuel that could have been used to push you down the road, instead. In regard to a turbo - most people use turbos to allow more fuel delivery and therefore, more horsepower.


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