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He was the first man to be murdered by the Klan in Georgia. This is a children's chain gang. This lynching happened in Duluth, in case you thought Southerners were the only bad guys here.

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Laws were passed that enforced white supremacy, and those laws were enforced with savagery. Blogspot 15 of 21 Never too early to get started. After his side lost, Forrest and a few close friends founded the Ku Klux Klan and carried out a guerrilla war to undo every gain Emancipation had brought.


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Also, black inmates are only the majority of actually-executed death row residents, rather than the vast majority, so you can see that those bad old Jim Crow laws finally came to an end and everybody lived happily ever after. Gallery Hip 17 of 21 After the Court gave its blessing to the legal principle of "separate but equal," the gates had opened for segregation to become the law across the country. He had 30 horses shot out from under him during the war and killed 31 Union soldiers.

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