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Bound for Glory - Last Act of Defiance - (Last Act of Defiance)

Last act of defiance eagle and mouse. Explore Counseling, Life Lessons, and more!

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That brief, fateful alliance triggered devastating miscalculations that changed America, forging patterns that still govern the nation's labor politics. You think and reason with your head, but you fall in love with your heart. Insanity knows nor cares about, reason. My dad used to wear a shirt with a mouse flipping off an eagle.


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Everywhere has much the same systems of State control … fiat money, democrazy, theocrazy, collectivism. The little mouse in the picture above has prepared his heart and his mind. Many people are leaving Australia because of some of its draconian laws anti-gun and New Zealand MAY be better but you would have to prove it to me.


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It begins with an arresting account of the midair collision over New York that cost lives and exposed the weaknesses of an overburdened system. They know who I am and where I live.

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Our nation was blessed. They know who I am and where I live. I love America, not this Amerika. I am saying what I do because I have already been there and it stinks.

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Everywhere has much the same systems of State control … fiat money, democrazy, theocrazy, collectivism. Insanity knows nor cares about, reason.

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