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Lithuanian Wedding ( Eimandas & Aivara)

Lithuanian wedding traditions. Lithuanian Wedding Traditions?

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My mum giving me away felt special too! Taking oath at the main altar of a Lithuanian Roman Catholic church. Together they put a lock on the bridge and throw the key into the river. One thing is certain:

Re: Lithuanian Wedding Traditions?

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Undergraduate studies are completed by the majority of young Lithuanians followed by graduation. While I loved being able to showcase my Lithuania heritage, we also love London where Ian is originally from. The wreath of ruta is then removed from the bride's veil. Traditionally, "Christening parent" is a symbollic obligation one accepts to help the child throughout his life and help him be Christian, although these days often the Christening parents have little to do with child's life and just help perform the ritual.

Wedding Traditions in Lithuania

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lithuanian wedding traditions

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Nevertheless, even Lithuanians living in modern cities still hearken back to many of the ancient traditions as a way to both keeping a tie to their heritage as well as a way to keep the romance of marriage alive and well into the 21st century. The bride comes to his rescue before the execution and instead his effigy is hanged.

Lithuanian and English Wedding with photos by Marianne Taylor

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