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Lumberton nc area code. ZIP Codes for City of Lumberton, NC

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McCrory said the air space over Lumberton was restricted to eliminate any interference with the helicopters, and he advised people not to fly drones over the area to get an aerial view of the flooding. Richard Neuherz of NOAA said water was flowing into the southwest portion of the city through an Interstate 95 underpass at VFW Road, noting that the flooding would have happened more quickly and with more devastating effects if the levee had failed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is assisting, but evacuees said they need help immediately. Food, clothes, whatever you have, just throw it by the road.

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The Purnell Swett High shelter was at capacity Tuesday evening, with one generator and two portable toilets serving hundreds of people. A sixth shelter had been operating at Carroll Middle School in Lumberton, but floodwaters threatened it, so officials had to move the residents who were there. But Robeson died in , so he could not have had a final say.

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The Purnell Swett High shelter was at capacity Tuesday evening, with one generator and two portable toilets serving hundreds of people. Christine Spivey said the conditions at the shelter reminded her of those experienced by Hurricane Katrina survivors. Robeson County, in the southeastern section of North Carolina, was established on Jan.

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