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Morel Mushroom Hunting Georgia 2017

Morel mushrooms in south dakota. Hunting the Elusive Morel

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Morels are only found for a few weeks in the spring of the year, usually after a good soaking rain. Morel mushrooms are especially desirable for their delicious taste and also because they are relatively rare, at least in the prairie where we live. That may be difficult to arrange, as hunting spots are top secret. If you kick them at this stage you will see clouds of spores fly out.

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Dad searched for them along the Missouri and had the best luck near rotted cottonwood trunks. Logs inoculated in the spring, may fruit in late summer or fall but are more likely to fruit the next spring, then again in the fall.

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As it ages the color pales and the mushroom develops a tough texture. The shaggy manes are considered to be quite edible but should be harvested and eaten while they are young and the gills are still white. We picked about 5 pounds of mushrooms that day.

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