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Giant Swarm of Mormon Crickets

Mormons and seagulls. Miracle of the gulls

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Occurrences of this racist wisecrack seem to come almost entirely from the s, which is right around the time the LDS church ended a longtime ban on people of color entering the priesthood. In the Salt Lake Valley, crickets, frost, and lack of water played havoc on the harvest of , and crop losses were severe.

Coming of the Gulls

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The publication ran it as their lead article. City than there is in all the rest of the counties; still there is a great many of the gardens in the city entirely ruined. That first summer, pioneers observed Indians harvesting "millions" of crickets for winter food. As far as the crickets go, many locals are familiar with the grotesque sight of millions of thumb-sized Mormon crickets that's really what they're called darkening roadways and devouring every growing thing.

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By now the story is so firmly entrenched in our culture that we're past the point of doubting its cromulence. Over time, the "cricket war," now called "the miracle of the gulls," became a prominent part of the Saints' collective memory. Susa Young Gates, in her biography of her father, Brigham Young second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and first governor of the Utah territory , chronicled this tribulating event in Mormon history: The town of Springfield is gearing up for its own bicentennial celebration.

Why a bug-eating trash bird makes Utah proud.

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