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What Does A Mortician Make?

Mortician bls. How Much Salary Does Mortuary Science Make?

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Most funeral directors and morticians embalm bodies. Finally, the state requires that morticians complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years while working in the career field. In some states, one license covers both job titles, but in others one must obtain a separate license for each area of the industry. Many states require certification for those who will perform cremations.

Work Environment

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Many embalmers carry a pager and must always be on call. In addition, the great amount of technical development and improvement over the past several years has created a need for highly skilled embalmers who can properly use the new technology and methods. Embalmer Career Outlook Although this career offers a number of emotional and financial rewards, it also provides a very favorable job outlook.

One Degree, Multiple Careers

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Although licensing laws and examinations vary by state, most applicants must meet the following criteria: Job Duties of an Embalmer During the course of employment as an embalmer, you can expect to wash and disinfect the bodies of the deceased to stave off infection and deterioration, replace bodily fluids and gases with preserving agents, washing and styling the hair of the deceased, and using restorative processes and makeup to create a natural appearance. In addition to the high quality education, the Community College of Baltimore City includes a wide range of student services and opportunities including a Student Ambassador Program, which can help create an impressive resume. Funeral service workers should have good interpersonal skills.

What They Do

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Many embalmers carry a pager and must always be on call. Select a Subject Mortician Schools in Maryland Maryland is a very promising state in which to enter the field of funeral science.

Average Salaries

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