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The Dangers of Mucophagy

Mucophagy definition. What is mucophagy?

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Other reasons to remove excess dried mucus include impaired breathing through the nose and a concern that it may be visible to others in the nostril openings. Mucophagy is feeding on mucus of fishes or invertebrates. Mucophagy is one of a family of behaviors known collectively as pica. Once dried, the mucus typically causes a sensation of irritation that leads to the compulsion to dislodge the itch by picking.

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When a person is contagious with a cold, flu or other virus, it is important that hands or other objects used to remove mucus are washed promptly because there is risk of introducing microorganisms to other parts of the body or other people since it is a norm to handshake in most societies. Mucophagy , which is eating the extracted mucus , may be considered more taboo, and is sometimes portrayed in comedies.

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In many cultures[ which? Prevalence[ edit ] Nose-picking is an extremely widespread habit: It is a common but highly taboo activity and is almost universally regarded with disgust by others, even by those who participate in this activity themselves.

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For the most part, the cilia that also line the cavity work to move the mucus toward the throat, where it can be swallowed. Mucophagy , which is eating the extracted mucus , may be considered more taboo, and is sometimes portrayed in comedies. Cultural references[ edit ] Harry, a character in the novel Requiem for a Dream , mentions in the first chapter of the book that he enjoys picking his nose. In The Simpsons , Ralph Wiggum is often seen picking his nose.

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