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Reading and Participation You are expected to do all required readings, that is why they are called "required. There are a few requirements:

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Your programs must compile and run on the Windows computers provided by the CSL. I walked up to the counter and paid a hefty sum for my pre-breakfast entertainment and then went back to join these jokers who had begun to discuss something quite animatedly. However, you will need to use some tools in order to do the assignments and projects that will help in your understanding of the concepts and ideas.

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For some explanation of why there isn't 1 textbook, see my 2 year old rant. I decided to go along. T he waiter was looking at me as if I was some kind of nut. We strongly recommend that you use the FlTk UI toolkit, and will support this.

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You will be required to write reviews of the chapters in Shirley's book. For many students, this is the first time they have to write a substantial program, and that can be hard - this class is about graphics, not how to write substantial programs. Our goal is to teach you about the science of making and manipulating images with computers.

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Basically, in this class you will need enough programming skills to build fairly large programs, and enough mathematical skills to deal with the nature of the topic. I lifted the paper to obscure the sight of riffraff that seemed to fit the bill for these coffeehouses simply because they could foot it. No one will ever call it that, it will always be known as Park Street just as today no one calls Chowringhee Jawaharlal Nehru Road.

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