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I have been waiting for this opportunity all my life. Through those early travels I appreciated the beauty and wonders that our country offered even if it was going to my parents' village to spend time with our grandparents, travelling in their battered Morris Minor. I am grateful for those special moments at that time in my life as I became a young and impressionable traveller.

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I am currently preparing for my next epic journey around the world. I have also visited more than 30 countries so far. Or could it be that my eyes are just so sore for green, lush sights that I am imagining it? Should you lose or forget your password you will need to come to one of our locations with a photo id in order obtain or change the password.

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Although my parents have since passed on, I know that the lessons and the love they instilled in me will continue to guide me in my travels and that their prayers will continue to grace my journeys with the grandest enchanting and magical adventure filled with love and meaning. The social structures that take care of people in Yemen are collapsing.

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